Health and care at the click of a mouse

PEOPLE in Northumberland can now explore local health and social care services online following the launch of The Northumberland LINk’s official website.

The Northumberland LINk – Local Involvement Network – is a network of local people, organisations and community groups who want to make health and social care services better.

It asks members of the public what their experiences and opinions of health and social care services are, and then informs the people who plan and run the services.

The new website is seen as an important way of providing information to people and also a way to register experiences and opinions of health and social care services.

Monthly meetings are held by the LINk around the county to raise issues, hear from invited speakers and allow people to find out more about the LINk.

The next meeting is being held at The Maltings in Berwick on Wednesday, October 12, at 1pm with lunch and registration from 12.30pm.

At the launch of the new website, Cynthia Atkin, chairman of Northumberland LINk, said ‘The LINk, with its network of volunteers, partners and community groups, acts as a conduit, ensuring that the connection between local people and providers of health and social care services is strong and effective.

“By sharing local experiences and knowledge, the LINK can help to influence the way services are run.

“The launch of our new website is one way in which we continue to reach out and engage with communities and local people.

“It encourages residents of Northumberland to get involved and provide the evidence of the real people on the ground.”

Vanessa Bainbridge, Head of Governance for adult services at Northumberland County Council, said that involving as many people from Northumberland as possible is key to its success..

Helping to launch the new LINk website, she said: “Feedback from the LINk is vital to the way Northumberland County Council plan their services.

“As a result of some of the work the LINk has done, we have been able to put improvements in place which have had a direct impact on people’s lives.”

The Northumberland LINk website can be found at

The LINk can also be contacted by phone on 01434 600599, email at or by post at PO Box 205, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 9EA.