Help at hand to invest in youth

Coun Grant Davey.
Coun Grant Davey.

Businesses have been urged to invest now in the workforce of tomorrow with the help of a regional youth employment programme.

Northumberland County Council leader Grant Davey, who is employment and inclusion lead for the North East Combined Authority and the figurehead of the Generation NE programme, has called on employers to explore the benefits of taking on young people.

And he said they should not be deterred by outdated misconceptions about the recruitment process.

“Attracting young people to join a business can bring multiple advantages, from their enthusiasm to learn to bringing fresh ideas and helping to invigorate the existing workforce,” he said.

“Some businesses can feel hesitant to take the initial first steps as they have misconceptions of it being a time-consuming and complex process. However, help is at hand from Generation NE.”

The initiative was set up by Northumberland, North Tyneside, Newcastle, Durham and Gateshead councils. Advisers work with small to medium-sized businesses, encouraging work experience, apprenticeships and full and part-time positions, with the aim of creating sustainable employment for 2,000 young people, aged 17 to 24.

“By offering businesses a simplified, responsive and co-ordinated service, we are committed to helping expand the number of opportunities available to young people in our region,” said Coun Davey.

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