Herbicide warning to farmers

FARMERS across Northumberland have been reminded to take care when spraying herbicides.

The H2OK? campaign says it is vital that herbicides do not reach water courses to ensure their long-term availability to the agricultural industry.

Some restrictions on use have already been put in place following the detection of mecoprop-p and bentazone in water.

A Water Protection Advice Sheet (WPAS) has now been produced, providing a nine-point self-assessment for users of the products.

Jo Kennedy, of the Environment Agency, said: “We have been concerned about bentazone detections in groundwater for some time so we welcome the new WPAS, which will we hope help users minimise the risk of this herbicide entering rivers or groundwater.

“By following best practice, farmers and growers have a better chance of avoiding further restrictions or product losses.”

For more information visit www.voluntaryinitiative.org.uk