Homebuilder invests over £9million into North East projects

Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.
Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.

A homebuilder has contributed more than £9million to various projects across the North East over the last three years, figures show.

As part of its work building new homes, Taylor Wimpey has earmarked £1.2million for affordable housing, £61,454 for highways improvements, £610,820 for provision of education, £6.8million towards public open spaces, sports pitches and play areas, and £262,430 on leisure facilities.

Karl Morton, Sales And Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey North East, said: “We are committed to building high-quality homes and making sure our developments are sustainable and positively contribute to local communities.

“Education, transport infrastructure and community facilities are all among the areas that benefit from planning contributions and we’re delighted to be providing them.”

For further information about Taylor Wimpey and its projects visit www.taylorwimpey.co.uk