How to beat the winter blues

A MORPETH business is urging residents to be prepared for this year’s big freeze.

Last year, insurers paid out £530million to motorists in 278,000 claims across the UK during the winter months alone and many of them were for accidental damage caused by driving on slippery roads.

Davidsons of Morpeth is calling on people to do all they can to not get caught out by snow and ice and the Coopies Lane-based retailer has a range of winter car care accessories available.

Sales Manager Richard Scaife said: “Here at Davidsons of Morpeth, we pride ourselves in caring for our customers’ safety as much as anything else.

“While we know that most motorists are careful when driving in cold winter conditions and wouldn’t choose to make a journey if the roads were too dangerous, sometimes driving on treacherous roads is unavoidable – whether you need to collect the children from school or travel home from work.

“This is why we are offering these products to our customers, so that the risk of them having an accident this winter is substantially reduced.”

The accessories include AutoSock Snow Socks, which are easily fitted over the driving wheels to create greater grip on the road and can be re-used.