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Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens welcomes the new addition of meerkat babies
Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens welcomes the new addition of meerkat babies

THERE’s more chance to compare the meerkats at Kirkley Hall as two new arrivals have made their debut.

Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens received three meerkats, Anika, Duana and Cheku, from Knowsley Safari Park after opening in May last year.

In January keepers noticed that Anika was getting a distended belly and after a couple of weeks small cries could be heard coming from the den after two pups were born.

The noises increased in February and earlier this month the female pups were presented to the zoo’s visitors.

Now all that is needed are names.

Members of the public have been invited to make suggestions and if their names are chosen they will win a family ticket to the attraction. Simples.

The pups are boisterous, play lots and sleep a lot, and can be seen mimicking the behaviour of their family, practising digging, catching insects and having fun.

They are still quite nervous, but are expected to grow in confidence as the weather warms up.

The meerkats are only 20cm long, with a 20cm tail and weigh just a few hundred grams, but they are some of the most charismatic of the zoo’s small animals.

With spring approaching, visitors will also be able to see some other new arrivals, including J the Cameroon lamb and parma wallabies Bill and Ben.

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To submit names for the meerkat pups visit or e-mail Entries should be submitted by Saturday, March 31.