Kevin helping others to shed the pounds

Kevin McClorry after successfully losing weight.
Kevin McClorry after successfully losing weight.

A man who lost about four stone in weight after signing up to a programme is giving something back to the commercial organisation.

Kevin McClorry was touching 17 stone when he went on holiday in September 2011 and his uncomfortable experience on holiday convinced him to rejoin Weight Watchers.

After attending sessions to lose weight in a healthy way, he reached his target of dropping 56 pounds in March 2013.

And last year, he decided to apply to become a Weight Watchers leader.

He was successful and meetings in Morpeth on Saturdays (St James’ Community Centre from 9.30am) and Ellington Library on Wednesdays from 7pm have been up and running since January.

Mr McClorry said: “I had put on a lot of weight and things came to a head when I went to Marrakech in Morocco for my 50th birthday. It was as high as 40 degrees and the humidity was high and I couldn’t cope – at times it felt like I was going to die.

“Soon after getting back to the UK, I rejoined Weight Watchers and I was delighted when I reached my goal.

“It was interesting to see what the leaders did and how they had a positive impact on the members. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to apply for a leader position.

“After going through the training, I was very excited to start my meetings and they are going well so far. I try to make sure there are points where the members can have a laugh and there are themes for the sessions to get them involved.

“As I work full time as a civil servant, they are like going out for a social occasion.”

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