Kinesiologist urges dietary MOT to start a new year

Katrina at home with gluten free Xmas food
Katrina at home with gluten free Xmas food

A post-Christmas dietary MOT is being offered by a Ponteland kinesiologist.

Katrina Woodrow battled headaches and discomfort for years before finding out she was intolerant to wheat and dairy food.

And for the past 13 years she has been helping others get to the root of their symptoms after training in kinesiology — a process that uses muscle testing to isolate food allergies and intolerances.

She said: “Food intolerances can really play havoc with your body, from acute pain to long-term, low-level discomfort, but in many cases issues can be solved quickly and easily. If a food intolerance is at the root of your issues you don’t have to miss out on your favourite foods. There are now so many alternatives available that you can still enjoy eating the foods you love.

“If you’re constantly tired or have problems with your digestive health, it’s possible that the type of food you are eating just doesn’t get on with your body.”

Mrs Woodrow, who is registered with the Kinesiology Federation, said her pharmacist husband was initially sceptical of the methods, however after seeing the difference cutting out wheat and dairy made to her health he was convinced of its merits.

She has now treated more than 400 people and says a post-Christmas MOT can identify food groups individuals should avoid and suggest replacements.

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