Learn more about trees

NORTHUMBERLAND residents are invited to learn more about a big part of our natural world at a garden centre.

To mark the winter tree planting season, Heighley Gate Nursery & Garden Centre is helping celebrate National Tree Week — which takes place from Saturday until December 4.

As well as being the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, the event also highlights the fact that Britain is one of the least tree-covered countries in Europe.

General Manager Roger Wale said: “We are inviting customers who would like to learn more about trees to come along to the garden centre to receive tips and advice on selecting the right tree for the right spot and then caring for them.

“Visitors will be able to pick up leaflets on a wide range of tree-related topics, including when and where to plant trees.

“There will be a selection of trees on show and we will also be offering advice on the equipment and products needed to ensure you get the best from your trees.”