Love is in the flair at charity shop

Valentine's display at Morpeth's Salvation Army charity shop.
Valentine's display at Morpeth's Salvation Army charity shop.

Charity shop manager Sarah Emery has certainly put her heart into Valentine’s Day.

The former research scientist, who manages Morpeth’s Salvation Army store in Newgate Street, has created a fabulous romantic dress to decorate the shop window for the celebration.

She said: “I have always drawn and liked art, and when I had a big change of career about two years ago the new job gave me the ability to do something creative. I just love it.

“It is the first time I have made a dress for the window. I wanted to do something different to draw people’s eyes to the shop and let them know that we have a big display full of Valentine’s gifts.

“It took about two hours to do. I went and got cards and glue from Yorkshire Trading and a bit of material from The Sewing Shop because I like to keep things local.

“We’ve had about five people in trying to buy it, but it is staying in the window for now.”

She added: “I always like the windows to be something different and something nice for Morpeth.

“We do get a lot of people coming in and telling us our windows look nice. Even people from Rutherford’s have been in to say so, which is a huge compliment for us. A couple of artists have also said we have done well, which is just amazing.

“It will definitely be something I try to keep up. I’m already thinking about Easter.”