Major sewage scheme begins

A £9million upgrade to Morpeth’s sewage system will get under way next week.

Northumbrian Water will begin the 18-month project on Monday to upgrade assets and processes at Morpeth Sewage Treatment Works near Coopies Lane.

The scheme will increase capacity at the plant, which serves more than 7,000 homes and treats three million litres of waste water a day.

Letters have been sent to residents about the project and an information session was held at Morpeth Town Hall.

During the work access will be required from Salisbury Street and there may be some noise, but activities will be limited to the site.

The Morpeth Flood Action Group has raised concerns about the infrastructure needed to get sewage to the treatment plant and says that increasing capacity for development could have consequences for flooding.

The water company says studies show that the scheme will not overburden systems.