Marketing reaches new heights for supplement firm

A Morpeth flag has been flying at the top of the world in a show of support for a nutrition business.

Intrepid adventurers Lynne and Noel Hanna have made history by becoming the first husband and wife team to climb Mount Everest from both sides.

The couple used supplement Bio-Quinone Active Q10, supplied by Morpeth business Pharma Nord, during their epic challenge.

And after reaching the Everest summit they flew a banner for the company.

Mr Hanna said: “Taking Q10 helps you push your body to the limits and recovery is sped up.”

The pair first climbed the south side of the mountain from Nepal in 2009.

They had first attempted the north side in Tibet in 2005, but were forced to abandon it when Mr Hanna experienced retinal haemorrhaging in his eyes.

On their return home to Northern Ireland they bought a German Shepherd pup, Babu, to keep Mr Hanna company during his recovery, and the dog trained with the couple throughout his life, but, sadly, died last year.

This year, on Saturday, May 21, at 7am Tibetan time, the Hannas finally reached the summit of Everest from the north side after a seven-hour climb from high camp, and they scattered Babu’s ashes from the peak.

“It was great to stand on top of the world again with Lynne and also for the both of us to scatter the ashes of our beloved dog, Babu,” said Mr Hanna.

“It was the first time out of my eight summits that I had tears in my eyes on the summit.”

The dedicated mountaineers have completed many other treks, including the Seven Summits Challenge to climb the highest peaks on each continent.

Mr Hanna took it one step further by racing to the nearest sea after the challenge — running, cycling and skiing the journey to become the first person to compete such a feat.