New town website goes lives soon

A NEW website to promote Morpeth will soon be up and running.

The facility will be the centrepiece of the Chamber of Trade’s More in Morpeth campaign and will have details about shops, restaurants, accommodation for tourists and places to visit both in the town centre and nearby.

It will also have information about Morpeth’s history and heritage, as well as events.

Chamber Vice Chairman Debbie Anderson said if all goes well the website will go live in about two weeks and advertising space will be free to members of the group, with funds to help its running costs coming from non-members.

Chairman John Beynon said: “This will be a brilliant resource for Morpeth which will help to boost the town’s profile regionally and nationally.”

Committee member Ken Stait asked if extra resources will be set aside for someone to manage the workload and other marketing activities that will happen as a result.

Temporary Secretary George Williams said discussions have taken place as part of working out the group’s future direction and for the moment he is happy to put the necessary work in.

He added: “We need to adapt to what happens with the website and everyone here at this meeting will have a job to do to make this campaign work.”

Fellow members also made positive comments, including Charles Sellers who said it will encourage businesses to become chamber members as it will make the membership fee even better value for money.