Northumberland Livestock

Acklington Mart

July 9

North East Livestock Sales sold 39 prime cattle, 23 cows, 1604 spring lambs and 329 ewes at the Summer Show and Sale.

Cattle: The cattle were expertly judged by Edward Stephenson, WMH Farm Fresh Meats.

The Champion Heifer was awarded to CW Gray & Sons, Low Hall, 648k (245.5p) £1,590 and bought by the judge. Second Heifer 243.5p from EA Storey & Sons, Startup to WMH Farm Fresh Meats.

First BB Bullock 244.5p from IE & JH Brown, South Bellshill to R Martin, Morpeth, second Limousin Bullock 217.5p from I Renton & Son, High Highlaws to C Siswick.

Lim x hfrs 1591, 1590 Low Hall, 1417 Startup, 1303 South Bellshill, Char x hfrs 1409, 1365 Low Hall, Lim x strs 1583, 1519, 1422, 1412 Blagdon Burn, 1488, 1431 High Highlaws, 1476 South Bellshill, Char x str 1501 Warton, BB x str 1459 South Acton. Lim x bulls 1461 Low Hall, 1366 Elyhaugh.

Lim x hfrs 245.5p, 223.5p Low Hall, 243.5p, 229.5p, 227.5p, 211.5p Startup, 219.5p South Bellshill, 211.5p Proctor Steads, 210.5p Ferneybeds, Char x hfr 229.5p Low Hall Lim x strs 244.5p South Bellshill, 225.5p, 215.5p South Acton, 225.5p, 210.5p Blagdon Burn, 225.5p Proctor Steads, 219.5p, 216.5p Startup, 217.5p, 211.5p High Highlaws, 217.5p Elyhaugh, AA x str 217.5p Warton, Lim x bull 201.5p Elyhaugh.

Cows: Less flesh about with high returns achieved. Overall average 118p.

AA x 1034, 1011, 884, 819 (119.5p x two, 118.5p x two) Rayheugh, 910 (119.5p) Bilton, 864, 849 (139.5p, 129.5p) Birchwood Hall, BB x 976 (126.5p) Bilton, Lim x 854 (128.5p) Bilton, 854 (127.5p) Birchwood Hall, 803 (119.5p) Startup, Char x 815 (125.5p) Bilton, Angus bull 1044 (119.5p) Rayheugh.

Lambs: An excellent quality show was ably judged by C Snowdon, Seaham. A good show averaged £72.50 overall.

The Championship was won by D&J Scott, Stonecroft with an excellent pen of Texels realising £80 to JA Jewitt (Meat) Ltd, Spennymoor.

Second Texels £82 (51k) Craster Heugh to R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick, first Light Beltex £75 (40k) Preston Mains to J&B Fitton Ltd, Oldham, second Light Beltex £80 (40k) Glanton Town to A Atkinson Livestock Ltd, first Heavy Beltex £77 (44k) Bothal Barns to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb, second Heavy Beltex £74 (43k) Hemelspeth to A Traves & Son Ltd, York, Other Breeds frist £80 (51k) Low Hall to Bowood, second Suffolk x £82 (53k) Widdrington to Bowood.

Suff x 88, 84, 82 Widdrington, 85 Low Hall, 82.50 Broom Hall, 82 Thrunton, Gallowmoor, Beltex 87 Glanton Town, Texel 86, 83 Corneyside, 84.50, 82 Craster Heugh, 84.50 Fenham Hill, 83 Newham Hagg, 83 South Charlton, Vend 85.50 South Lyham.

Beltex 204p, 196p, 195p, 191p, 188p, 187p, 183p, 181p, 180p Annsteads, 200p, 187p Glanton Town, 188p South Broomford, 184p Hemelspeth.

Ewes: Ewes continue a good trade with leaner types sort after and fat harder to cash.

Texel 110 Chevington Moor, 98 Rugley, 93 Broom Hall, 90 Pigdon Cotts, Suff x 100 Nesbit, 92 Corneyside, 90 Wagtail, Rugley, Edlingham Demesne, Beltex 90, 80 Low Espley, BFL 82 Blagdon Burn, Mule 82 Broom Hall, 76 Norwoods, 74 Middle Ord, 70 Old Deanham, BF 70 Wagtail, Suff Ram 135 Low Espley, Texel 118 Juries House.