Northumberland Livestock

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August 13

North East Livestock Sales sold 35 prime cattle, 12 cows, 1721 lambs and 483 cast ewes.

Cattle: A plainer show slightly easier, butchers types dearer.

Lim x str 1521 South Bellshill, Sim x strs 1441 Ferneybeds, 1434 Hemscott Hill, Lim x hfrs 1389 Howick Scar, 1343 South Bellshill, 1288 Burnhouse, 1287, 1267 Boulmer Hall, Sim x hfr 1239 Boulmer Hall, Lim x bulls 1181, 1131 Elyhaugh.

Lim x hfrs 231.5p Howick Scar, 231.5p, 225.5p Boulmer Hall, 224.5p Burnhouse, 225.5p Make Me Rich, Lim x strs 223.5p Burnhouse, 209.5p South Bellshill, 209.5p, 205.5p, 204.5p Make Me Rich, AA x strs 213.5p Birchwood, 211.5p Ferneybeds, Lim bull 199.5p Elyhaugh.

Cows: Lim x 1002, 770 (128.5p, 121.5p) Lemmington Hill Head, 886, 791 (124.5p, 117.5p) Edlingham Newtown, Sim x 820 (116.5p) North Swinhoe.

Lambs: A good quality show. Overall average £69, SQQ 158.5p, heavies 150p.

Texel 85, 81.50, 79, 78.50 South Bellshill, 80 Redsteads, 79.50 Homilton, 79 Broom Park, 79, 78.50 Craster Heugh, Suff x 79.50, 79, 78 Brinkburn Newhouses, Chev 78.50, 78 East Ditchburn.

Beltex 183p Nesbit, 182p, 176p, 174p Chevington Moor, 173p Bothal Barns, 172p, 171p Hillcrest, 170p Low Espley, Hemelspeth, Texel 173p Broad Meadows, 170p Newham Hall, BDM 171p Oakdene Grange.

Ewes: High returns achieved again with fat still hard to cash.

Texel 100 Clarabad Mill, 95, 88 Annstead, 88 Chevington Moor, Alnham, Suff x 86 South Broomford, 85 Brotherwick, 84 Juries House, East Thirston, 83 Thrunton, Nesbit, 82 Blagdon Burn, Chev/M 82 North Swinhoe, HB 80 Warton, BFL 74 Alnham, Chev 74 Reavley, Mule 65 Alnham, 65 Brotherwick, 64 Herds House, 63 West Lane End, 62 Blagdon Burn, BF 54 Alnham.