Northumberland Livestock


August 27

North East Livestock Sales sold 49 prime cattle, 1640 lambs and 756 cast ewes.


All classes a bit easier on the week.

Lim x strs 1408, 1380 Blagdon Burn, Sim x str 1406 Ferneybeds, Sim hfrs 1332 Burnhouses, 1330 Low Hall, Bulls 1222 Widdrington.

Lim x hfrs 224.5p, 217.5p Oakdene, 221.5p Low Hall, 219.5p, 218.5p Southfield, Sim hfr 215.5p Burnhouse, Lim x str 226.5p Blagdon Burn, Lim bull 204.5p Widdrington.


Fewer forward and a mixed show but all classes sharper to average £66.50. SQQ 153p, Heavies 141p.

Texels 81, 76 South Carter Moor, 80 Thrunton Red House, 79.50 Harbottle Grange, 77 Hedley Wood, 76.50, 75 High Trewhitt, 76 Brinkburn Newhouses, 75 Pasture Hill, Suffolk 78, 75.50 East Ditchburn, 78 East Coldside, 74 Brinkburn Newhouses, South Bellshill, Craster Heugh, Vend 76.50, 74 South Lyham, Char 75 East Newham, Beltex 74 Chevington Moor.

Beltex 176p, 167p Low Espley, 174p, 166p Watch Currock, 172p, 167p, 166p Chevington Moor, 171p, 166p Glanton Town, Texel 166p East Trewick, High Trewhitt, 162p Oakdene, Watch Hill, South Carter Moor, Juries House.


More ewes about with reduced returns achieved.

Texel 117 Elsdonburn (Oliver), 112 Juries House, 108 Middleton Mill, 108 Roseden, Suff x 93, 88 South Ryal, 81 Yetlington, 80 Boulmer Hall, HB 80 Widdrington, BFL 76 Roseden, Chev 72, 70 Nunwick Hall, Mule 59, 56 Harehope, 58 Hedgeley Farms, 56 South Broomford, BF 42 South Broomford, Routin Lynn, 41 Birchwood, 40 Yetlington.