Northumberland Livestock


September 17

North East Livestock Sales sold 41 prime cattle and 3,233 sheep comprising of 2,224 lambs and 1,009 cast ewes.


Quality and flesh again in short supply but meeting a sharper trade.

Sale topped with a Limousin heifer 246.5p Make Me Rich, Lim x hfr 235.5p Blagdon Burn, Blonde hfr 235.5p Herds House, Lim x strs 211.5p (two) Blagdon Burn, Lim bulls 198.5p Elyhaugh.

Char bull 1537 Thrunton, Lim bull 1390 Elyhaugh, Lim strs 1405, 1404 Blagdon Burn, Lim hfrs 1425 Make Me Rich, 1366 Blagdon Burn.


A large proportion of 1089 heavy lambs sold to average 142p, SQQ lambs averaged 160p.

Sale topped with a pen of 16 Beltex lambs at 42 kg 87 Annstead, Beltex 87, 86, 84, 83.50 Annstead, 83, 77 Preston Mains, 81, 79 Howick Scar, 80, 79 Glanton Town, 78 Homilton, Texel 86.50 Bygate, 81.50, 78 South Bellshill, 81 Follions, 79.50 Dunstan Square, 78.50 Harnham Hall, Boulmer Hall, 78 Springwood, Suff x 79.50 Blagdon Burn, Char x 78 Old Deanham.

Beltex 213p, 207p, 204p, 197p, 195p, 193p, 188p Annstead, 197p South Broomford, 193p Howick Scar, 193p, 190p, 183p, 180p Glanton Town, 188p Low Espley, 188p Herds House, 188p, 180p Homilton, Texel 183p Trewhitt Steads, 177p Herds House, Suff x 177p South Broomford.


More numbers about, all classes easier on the week.

Texel 85, 77 East Newham, 80 Snitter, 80 Bygate, 78 West High House, Thrunton, East Trewick, 77 Pasture Hill, Suff x 80 Homilton, 79 Lemmington Hill Head, 78 Sharperton Edge, 78 Southfield, 76 Bygate, Blagdon Burn, Chev 74 Glanton Town, HB 70 Widdrington, Mule 66 East Newham, 64 Pasture Hill, 61 Brotherwick, BF 51 Todholes, 48 Craster Heugh, Swale 38 Todholes, Texel Rams 102 Warton, Llyn Rams 89 Viewlaw.