Northumberland Livestock


June 29

North East Livestock Sales sold 36 prime cattle and cows and 2,053 sheep, comprising 1,461 lambs, 97 hoggs and 495 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle. A smaller show sold well, with more butchers present this week.

Ang hfrs 226p The Heugh. Lim Hfrs 224p Herds House, 221p, 219p Blagdon Burn, 216p Warton. BB hfr 216p Low Hall.

Lim Strs 1496,1362,1332 Blagdon Burn, 1370 East Coldside. Lim Hfrs 1324 Warton, 1320 The Heugh. Sim x 1320 Craster Heugh.

Cows: Saler 900 White House Folly. Sim x 804 Herds House.

Lambs. One of the best shows of lambs this year, with a strong ring of buyers making the average of 231p.

Texel 120.50 South Bells Hill, 119, 118.50 Nesbit, 117.50 Hedley Wood, 117 Old Deanham, 116.50 Make Me Rich, 116 Fowberry Moor, 114.50 Lane End, 114 Red Steads, 113.50 Stamford, 113.50 Chester Hill.

Beltex 108 South Bells Hill, 107 South Carter Moor, 106 Chevington Moor, 105.50 Old Deanham, 105 Nesbit. Suffolk 104.50 Warton, 104 West Lane, 102.50 Blagdon Burn. Char x 104.50 Burn House.

Beltex 257p South Bells Hill, 254p, 246p Herds House, 252p Chevington Moor, 251p Old Deanham, 248p Nesbit, 244p Hill Crest. Texels 238p South Carter Moor, 237p Watch Hill, 236p Lemmington Hill Head, 235p Marshall Meadows, 232p Widdrington. Suff x 233p Make Me Rich, 232p Stamford.

Ewes. More ewes on offer this week resulting in slightly less money overall.

Texel rams 122 Pasture House (Forster), 114 Edlingham Demense. Suffolk ewes 100, 97, 96 Low Angerton, 95 Edlingham Demense, 93 Chevington Moor, 92 Hill Crest. Texels 105,101 Old Deanham, 97 East Thirston, 93 Chevington Moor. BDM 90 Oak Dene, 90 Angerton.