Northumberland Livestock


July 6

North East Livestock Sales sold 36 prime cattle, 10 cows and 1775 sheep comprising 1520 lambs, hoggs and 255 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle: A nicer show of butcher type cattle forwards this week selling extremely well for fleshed types.

Lim hfrs 238p Blagdon Burn, 218p Craster Heugh. Lim Strs 237p 236p Broom Hall, 222p Blagdon Burn. Angus hfrs 225p Warton, 224p Ferneybeds, 219p, 216p Yetlington.

Lim Strs 1540 Blagdon Burn, 1505, 1436 Broom Hall, 1414 East Coldside, Angus hfrs 1468 The Heugh, 1440 Warton.


Angus Cows 1226, 1084 Yetlington, 1033 Lucker. Angus cows 164p Lucker, 145p Yetlington. Lim 157p 140p Make Me Rich.


Another nice show of lambs again this week with all types in demand averaging 223p.

Texel 122.50 East Trewick, 122 Craster Heugh, 121 Thrunton Red House, 120 Broome Park, 119.50 South Bells hill, 119.50 South Carter Moor, 119 South Lyham, 118 Low Hall, 115 Pigdon Cottage (Cromar). Suffolk 116.50 Nesbit, 116 Brinkburn Newhouses, 114.50 Fenham Hill, 114 Gallow Moor, 113.50 Blagdon Burn. Beltex 114 Red Steads, 106 Nesbit, 103.50 Ashington Garden, 103 South Bells Hill, 103 Howick Scar, 103 Great Ryle, 102 South Carter Moor.

Beltex 246p South Carter Moor, 243p Chevington Moor, 243p Nesbit, 241p Ashington Gardens, 240p Woodwell. Texels 238p South Broomford, 238p Buston House, 237p New Shoreston, 236p Nesbit, 232p Longshaws. Suff x 239p South Bells Hill, 238p Gallow Moor, 237p Brinkburn, 236p Blagdon Burn.


Less ewes on offer this week resulting in a stronger trade for all types.

Texel Rams 128 Craster Heugh, 112 Warton, Leic Rams 102 West Bolton.

Suffolks Ewes 110 Brinkburn, 109 Hoprig, 108, 107, Lawfield, 108 East Trewick, 103 Warton.

Texels Ewes 108 Hoprig, 106 East Trewick, 104 Newham Hagg, 103 Thrunton Red House.

HB 96 Warton, Mules 85 Broomhall, 83 South Broomford, 81 Causey Burn House, 78.50 Lawfield. Chev Ewes 74 Hipsburn, 72 Bilton Farm (O Tulip).