Northumberland Livestock


July 13

North East Livestock Sales sold 40 prime cattle and 2,376 sheep, comprising 1,998 lambs and 378 cast ewes.

Cattle: Nicely sold to average 209p.

Lim hfrs 238p, 232p South Bellshill, 220p Blagdon Burn. Char hfrs 236p Low Hall. Angus hfrs 225p Warton.

Devon hfrs 216p Warton. Lim strs 228p South Bellshill. Angus strs 217p East Coldside. BB Bulls 214p, 197p Herds House.

Lim strs 1496 South Bellshill, 1392 Eslington. Angus strs 1406, 1401 East Coldside.

Char hfrs 1440, 1350 Low Hall, 1396, 1378 Warton. Lim hfrs 1338 South Bellshill. BB Bull 1417 Herds House.

Cows: Simmental 1060, 1006 (138p, 132p) The Lee. Lim x 900, 880 (131p) Blagdon Burn.

Aged Angus Bull 1236 (132p) Twizell. Aged Lim bull 1287 (124p) The Lee.

Lambs: More leaner sorts about, but everything well sold, especially fitter sorts. Overall average £93.60, 219p.

Texel 121, 117 Elilaw, 118, 111 Make Me Rich, 118 Howlett Hall, 116.50, 110 East Trewick, 116 Yetlington, 114 Bolton PO, 113 Craster.

Beltex 118 Watch Hill, 112 Annstead, 110 Howick Scar, Nesbit. Char x 117 Newton Greens, 115 Low Hall. Suffolk 116 Clifton, 111.50 Sharperton Edge, 111 Nesbit, 110 Hedley Wood.

Beltex 257p, 254p, 249p, 248p, 247p Annstead, 243p Herds House, 239p Pigdon, 239p, 235p, Chevington Moor, 237p, 235p Howick Scar, 241p, 234p Watch Hill, 234p Hillcrest, Woodwell.

Texel 240p Annstead, 238p, 234p East Trewick, 236p, 231p Howlett Hall, 233p Elilaw, 230p Great Ryle. Charolais 237p Yetlington.

Ewes: Another good trade, averaging £81 overall.

Suffolk 109 Widdrington, 105, 98 Gallowmoor, 102 Chester Hill, 100 Preston Mains, Hoprig, Blagdon Burn. Texel 108, 100 Herds House, 104 Houndalee, 99 Pigdon. Half Bred 97 Warton.

Cheviot 84 Hoprig. Mules 84 Houndalee, 82 Bolam West, 80 Broadmeadows. Black Face 66 Hipsburn, 63 Yetlington, Swales 58 Low Hall.