Northumberland Livestock


July 20

North East Livestock Sales sold 70 prime cattle, including 16 cows and 2,457 sheep, comprising 2,110 lambs and 347 cast ewes at its Summer Show and Sale.

The show was judged by Colin Snowdon, Seaham, who awarded the Championship to a smart 652kg Limousin heifer from G Carins & Partners, Broomhall, purchased for 230p, £1500 by C Siswick.

The lambs were won again by C Mellor, Annstead, for a muscled, hard-fed pen of Beltex, weighing 45kg, £117 to R Curle & Sons, Bowsden.

Cattle: 1 Lim hfr G Carins & Partners, Broomhall; 2 Lim hfr IE & JH Brown, South Bellshill. 1 Lim Str AS Stephenson, Blagdon Burn; 2 Lim Str AS Stephenson, Blagdon Burn.

Lim hfrs 236p, 222p (two) Warton (R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick), 234p South Bellshill (C Nicholson, Whitley Bay), 230p, 220p Broomhall (C Siswick, R Turnbull). Angus hfrs 228p, Warton, 227p Stamford, 223p Broomhall. BB hfrs 224p Herds House (WMH Farm Fresh Meats). Lim strs 221p, 216p Fowberry Moor, 210p Bilton, South Bellshill.

Lim hfrs 1500, 1342 Broomhall, 1450 Warton, 1409 South Bellshill. Angus hfrs 1468 Warton, 1356 Broomhall, 1353 Stamford. Lim strs 1470, 1457 Bilton, 1450, 1400 Burnhouse. Blonde str 1430 Boulmer Hall. Char strs 1400, 1381 Pacific Farm.

Cows: Fleshed cows again selling to a premium. Top price was a Charolais cow from Framhill Farms, 902 kg, 174p, £1570.

Char x cows 1325, 1270, 1167 (154p, 147p, 135p) Pacific Farm. Lim cow 1074 (150p) Blagdon Burn, 1057 (144p) Stamford. Aged Angus bulls 1471 (119p) Framhill.

Lambs: 1 Light Beltex 40kg 99.50 Annstead, 2 Light Beltex 40kg 95 Edlingham Demesne; 1 Heavy Beltex 45kg 117 Annsteads, 2 Heavy Beltex 42kg 105 Annsteads; 1 Light Texel 42kg 96.50 East Fleetham, 2 Light Texel 41kg 92 Low Espley; 1 Heavy Texel 46kg 103 East Fleetham, 2 Heavy Texel 49kg 112.50 Brinkburn Newhouses; 1 Continental 46kg 103 East Fleetham, 2 Continental 47kg 103.50 Craster Heugh; 1 Suffolk 46kg 93 Edlingham Demesne.

Heavies and well fleshed lambs another great trade, but a lot more commercial, lean lambs forward, resulting in a drop in average to 210.5p.

Vendeen x Tex 121 North Lyham. Texel 119.50, 117.50 South Bellshill, 119, 115, 112 Craster Heugh, 117.50, 115 East Coldside, 115 Make Me Rich, 115 South Carter Moor, 113 Howick Estate. Beltex 117 Annstead, 114 Nesbit, 112.50 Old Deanham, 110 Bygate, Mil Blue 118, 116 Fenham Hill. Suffolk 117 Blagdon Burn, 112.50 Redsteads. Cheviot x 115 East Ditchburn.

Beltex 260p, 258p, 250p, 249p Annstead, 238p, 231p Edlingham Demesne, 237p Old Deanham, 235p Pigdon, 233p West Lane End. Texels 240p, 236p, 235p, 232p Brinkburn Newhouses, 234p Gallowmoor, 233p South Ryal, Annstead, 232p South Carter Moor, Chevington Moor, 231p South Bellshill.

Ewes: Trade outstripping supply. Overall average £94, rams averaged £116.

Texel rams 149 Bolton PO, 144 Bygate. Beltex rams 138, 134, 128 Birchwood. Aberfeld rams 130, 115 Lemmington Hill Head.