Northumberland Livestock


November 30

North East Livestock Sales Christmas Show & Sale sold 78 prime cattle including 16 cast cows and 2208 sheep comprising 1506 lambs and 702 cast ewes and rams.

The show was kindly sponsored by Barclays Bank and Northumbrian Quality Feeds.

Cattle were ably judged by Bill Howard who awarded the Championship to CW Gray & Sons, Low Hall for a smart Lim Hfr 618 Kg @ 305p, purchased by local butchers R Green & Son, Longframlington. 1st Heifer 305p Low Hall to R Green & Son, 2nd Heifer 280p Low Hall to R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick. 1st Steer 215p (718Kg) Fenham Hill to W Howard, 2nd Steer 234p Blagdon Burn to R Turnbull & Sons. 1st Angus Steer 208p Tuthill to C Siswick, 2nd Angus Heifer 227p Craster Heugh to C Siswick. 1st Char Heifer 264p Low Hall to R Green & Son, 2nd Char Heifer 228p Low Hall to R Green & Son.

Heaviest Steer 806 Kg Burnhouse. Best Young Bull 230p Herds House to JA Jewitt.

Other Prices: Lim hfrs 238p, 236p, 224p Blagdon Burn, 229p Elyhaugh, 226p Widdrington. Angus hfrs 227p Craster Heugh.

Lim strs 234p, 220p, 214p Blagdon Burn. BB Strs 220p, 215p Fenham Hill. Lim Bulls 235p Widdrington, 230p, 214p Herds House.

Cows: Char 1500 (156p) Rosebrough. Angus 1137, 967 (138p, 134p) Warton. Limousin 1073 (145p) West Lane End.

Lambs: Were astutely judged by H Murray, Dunbia who awarded Fiona Mellor, Annstead the overall championship, from an excellent overall quality show, making £132 (42kg), 314p bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

1st Light Beltex 132 Annstead – Vivers, 2nd Light Beltex 110 Low Espley – Vivers. 1st Heavy Beltex 110 Low Espley – Vivers, 2nd Heavy Beltex 104 Lilburn Estates – R Turnbull & Son.

1st Light Texel 93 Beal Bank – Vivers, 1st Heavy Texel 95 Gallowmoor – A Traves & Son. 1st Suffolk 96 Warton – A Traves. 1st Continental 97 Burnhouse – A Traves, 2nd Continental 93.50 Burnhouse – A Traves. 1st Chev 85 East Ditchburn – Dunbia, 2nd Chev 83 Warton – R Curle & Son. 1st Mule 80 Blagdon Burn – R Curle & Son, 2nd Mule 72 Rosebrough – R Curle & Son

1st BF 77.50 Blagdon Burn – R Curle & Son, 2nd BF Davyshiel – C Siswick. 1st Shepherd’s Pair 104 M Gray, Low Espley, 2nd Shepherd’s Pair 96 A Lillie, Beal Bank.

1st Dressed Pair 105 Glanton Town, 2nd Dressed Pair 109.50 Glanton Town.

Heaviest Lamb 68kg Warton.

Other Prices: All classes dearer. SQQ 198p, Heavies 176p.

Beltex 109, 103.50, 101.50, 100 Annstead, 107, 105, 104, 100 Glanton Town, 104, 99 Low Espley, 104, 101, 98 Lilburn Estates, 97 (two) South Bellshill, 96 Howick Scar, 95.50 Howick Estate, 92 Keepwick. Beltex 314p, 256p, 237p, 235p Annstead, 274p, 238p Glanton Town, 242p, 224p, 218p Keepwick, 262p, 244p, 221p Low Espley. Texels 227p Howick Estate, 215p, 212p Lilburn Estate, 214p, 213p Glanton Town, 210p, 205p Matfen Estate.

Ewes: Overall average £60.

Texels 114, 90 East Town Farm, 106 Bygate, 104 Duddo Hill, 96 Yetlington. Suffolk 105 Middle Duddo, 98, 94 South Lyham, 91 Tosson Tower, Warton. Beltex 89 Bygate. Mule 64 Bygate, South Lyham, 63 Yetlington. HB 86 Warton. BF 50 Edlingham Demesne.

Suff Rams 106 Sharperton Edge.