Northumberland Livestock


Christmas Show

Champion Beast was a 14-month Lim steer from A&D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall.

Judge and buyer Malcolm Riddell, of R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick, 300p £1836.

Champion GR Hindmarsh & Sons, Linden Hill Head, for a pen of three-quarter Texels, weighing 44kg, at £118 to C Siswick (J&B Fitton).

Judged J Curle, Bowsden.

The show was kindly sponsored by Northumbrian Quality Feeds and Barclays Bank.

December 27

North East Livestock Sales sold 20 prime cattle and 1,781 sheep, comprising 1,301 lambs and 480 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle. A smaller show, but slightly sharper. Overall average 201p.

Lim hfrs 226p South Bellshill, 217p, 212p, 211p Blagdon Burn. Angus hfrs 216p, 213p, 210p Yetlington.

Lim bulls 198p (two) Herds House.

Lim strs 1375 East Coldside. Lim bulls 1302 Herds House. Lim hfrs 1388 South Bellshill, 1285 Blagdon Burn.

Lambs. Another brisk trade with an overall average of £91.60 and 198p. SQQ 211p.

Char 116, 114 Banktop, 112 West Hall. Texels 113, 106 Grange House, 110 South Rennington, 109 Low Hall, 109, 106.50 South Charlton, 101 Mirlaw House.

Beltex 110, 107, 104 Keepwick, 106, 103 Glanton Town, 103 Little Bavington, South Bellshill, 103 Hayside, 102.50 Howick Scar.

Suffolks 121 Banktop, 114, 109 East Ditchburn, 108, 103 Berryhill, 106 Warton, 103 Sharperton Edge, 102 Howick Estate, 101.50, 100 Make Me Rich.

Beltex 282p, 259p, 258p, 246p Glanton Town, 264p, 233p Little Bavington, 252p, 244p, 242p, 238p Keepwick, 248p East Ditchburn, 245p, 233p South Bellshill, 240p Hayside.

Texels 234p, 224p Glanton Town, 233p West Hall, Loanend, 228p Howick Scar, 227p South Rennington, 225p Grange House.

Ewes. Another sharp trade with a good quality show forward. Overall £79.80.

Texels 142, 106 Rosebrough, 129 Buston House, 121 Banktop, 118 West Hall, 105 Marshall Meadows, 102, 100 Lawfield, 100 Banktop, South Lyham.

Suffolks 108 Banktop, 103, 99, 97 Lawfield, 100 Blossom Plantation, 95 South Lyham, South Linden, 94 Tilesheds.

Half Bred 89 Berryhill, 84 Rosebrough. Cheviots 81, 79 Rosebrough. Mules 78 Marshall Meadows, 75 Banktop, 74 Make Me Rich, East Newham.

Black Face 45 Blagdon Burn, 44 Haugh Head, Blossom Plantation.

Suffolk rams 138, 122 Banktop, 122 Warton. Leics rams 112 Warton.