Our success story to inspire others across country

MORPETH has been mentioned at a national level as an example of a successful market town.

Some members of the town council’s Planning and Transport Committee attended a session run by Action for Market Towns (AMT) in Harrogate.

The importance of money staying within the local economy, car parking and attracting customers were among the issues discussed at the event.

And in his report to the committee at a recent meeting, chairman Graeme Trotter said: “The day was very constructive and there were some interesting discussions about how to promote and market our type of town.

“The AMT officials at the session spoke about the knock-on effect of spending money in the town centre. For example, if someone hands over £10 at a shop, the owner is likely to spend some of it at another store in the town and likewise with the shop workers when they get paid.

“Perhaps we could take forward one or two initiatives on this issue in the coming months.

“It was also mentioned that Morpeth had been held up at another AMT event as an example of a successful market town, as it was noted that we have a good mix of national retailers and independent stores.

“This was nice to hear, although we should never be complacent about the economic situation in the town.”