Paul follows the path back to Morpeth

AFTER several years away, Paul Nathan has returned to Morpeth to teach T’ai Chi.

The instructor for the International Academy of Zheng Dao Lo (Venerable True Path) was attracting classes of up to 30 students when he was previously based in the town.

T’ai Chi is a healing art which deals with energy (Chi) flowing around the internal energy centres of the body. It is initially practised to relax the mind and body, improving confidence, relieving stress and promoting mental and physical harmony.

It can also help to strengthen the immune system and alleviate conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and type two diabetes.

Mr Nathan said: “Over many years of studying and teaching T’ai Chi I have seen how it has attracted adults of all ages, from different walks of life.

“Those who stay with the practice and enjoy the challenge of the mental and physical training are able to take their individual development to a higher level.

“When the body is relaxed, movement is flowing and becomes strong. As the movement helps energy to circulate, the body becomes healthier and more supple.”

Classes take place on Wednesday evenings at the Riverside Leisure Centre in Newmarket from 8pm.

For more information, call Mr Nathan on 078640 19819 or email