Plea for help as stock levels drop

A BUSY charity shop has issued a desperate plea for help as stock donations plummet.

Age UK in Newgate Street could previously put out about 200 new items for sale each day, but in the past three months the number has fallen to around 120.

The shop is now struggling to keep up with demand from customers and is in urgent need of clothes, cookware, books, CDs and DVDs.

Manager Cecilie Cromer said: “Our store room is usually piled high, but now it’s almost empty.

“Although this is a good thing as it means we have sold what we had, we cannot cope with the increasing demand if nothing else comes in — we simply can’t sell fresh air.

“Without continued donations of everything from clothing to cookware, Age UK cannot continue its vital work to help improve the lives of older people across the country.”

She added: “We have a lot of local supporters who donate regularly to our shop, which we’re extremely grateful for, but we are still struggling. We are looking for quality items, no matter how big or small.”

Any donations that cannot be sold are recycled to ensure nothing goes to waste and if donors sign a Gift Aid form when they take their items to the shop, it can increase the value by 25 per cent through reclaimed tax.