Reputable trader hit by TV broadcast

A REPUTABLE Morpeth trader has claimed that he is losing business after a firm of a similar name was criticised on television.

Craig Smith was made aware of an episode of Cowboy Builders, which featured Gareth Wiseman and his company FK&BD, a few days after it was broadcast on Channel 5.

The programme also mentioned another business set up by Mr Wiseman called Morpeth Electrics, but whilst this has nothing to do with Morpeth Electrical Services owned by Mr Smith, he says that his company has been affected over the last few weeks.

He said: “A few people called me to say they had seen the programme or heard about it and at first I could see the funny side because they were having a joke with me about it.

“But when I went into a garage and got accused of being a dodgy trader, I realised it was a serious situation. Those who don’t know me and have heard about the episode may not know for sure that I have nothing to do with Morpeth Electrics and will not want to take the chance.

“I have already lost business since it was aired and I’m also worried that it could harm my reputation which I have built up over many years.

“I have been in touch with the company that puts together Cowboy Builders (Ricochet) to say its general disclaimer is not enough and it should do a follow-up statement or photograph in another episode to make it clear that there is absolutely no connection between the two companies.”

Series Producer of Cowboy Builders, Dave Mackay, said: “In the Cramlington episode broadcast on November 29, we feature a builder called Gareth Wiseman and his company FK&BD. We mentioned a company called Morpeth Electrics.

“We wish to make it clear that this is not the same company as Morpeth Electrical Services trading under the website and owned by Craig Smith. Morpeth Electrical Services to our knowledge is not associated with the man from that episode.

“We do everything we can to make it clear in the episode that the builder and company featured has no connection to companies with the same or similar names in Northumberland or any other parts of the UK.”

The episode is available on the Channel 5 On Demand website.