Request to extend caravan park season is granted

THE season at a coastal caravan park has been extended, despite concerns from neighbouring residents.

Park Resorts, which owns Cresswell Towers Holiday Park, was granted its request to remove conditions that ban it from operating in the winter by the county council’s north area planning committee.

It is currently open from March 1 to October 31, but from this autumn it will operate for 12 months.

Conditions will ensure the caravans are only occupied for holiday purposes and the pool and entertainment rooms shall not be open to the public or occupiers of the caravans between October 31 and March 1.

But people living nearby and Cresswell Parish Council objected, saying there should be a period of respite from the noise and disturbances at the site. They also said it would increase traffic and litter in the village during the extended period.

One of those opposed is Enid Wild, whose main issue is balls coming into her garden when those staying in the caravans play games.

The 80-year-old said: “I’ve had to put up with people climbing into my garden or knocking at my door to get their ball back for more than 25 years and nothing has been done about it, so this approval will make things even worse.

“They used to play on the grass opposite my house and it became a court with meshing a couple of years ago, but it is not high enough and the balls have kept coming.

“I’ve nothing against caravans. I’ve met some lovely people at the site and the kids should have the opportunity to play ball games, but the court is totally is totally in the wrong position and it has made my life a misery at times.”

Park Resorts argued that it needs to open year-round to compete with other parks and extending the season will increase spending in local shops, provide employment and help to sustain community services. It has also enclosed the swimming pool and put a new roof over the entertainment building to reduce noise.