Residents join forces to drive down energy bills

HUNDREDS of householders in Northumberland are set to switch to try to save money on energy bills.

A total of 409 residents registered to the county’s Ready To Switch scheme this year, which uses collective bargaining power to drive down energy prices.

The Northumberland scheme combined with similar initiatives around the UK to create a collective of more than 54,000 households in more than 70 local authority areas, and an ‘auction’ was held last month for energy companies to bid for the contract.

Now Scottish Power, Green Star Energy and British Gas have been selected to supply a range of contracts, and it is estimated that customers could save an average of £120 on their fuel bills.

Northumberland County Council Policy Board Member for Planning, Housing and Regeneration Allan Hepple said: “The council has played a major role in helping residents save money through this scheme. Since it launched in 2012, 900 people have made a switch in Northumberland and saved on average £110 on their energy bills.

“The success of this auction means that those who signed up are one step closer to making some crucial savings.”

Personal offers are now being sent to residents by letter or email, detailing what savings can be made against their current deals.

There is no obligation for people to accept the offer, but if they do decide to go ahead the new provider will take care of the whole switching process.

The deadline for acceptance is Monday, January 13.

A recently published Government report found that nationally collective switching schemes had seen more than 21,000 people save an average of £131 on energy bills.

Registration for the next period is now open. For details visit or

Alternatively, call 0845 600 6400 or visit a council information centre.