Security checks prove promising

A MAJOR operation to check the legality of security staff has found the vast majority are complying with licences.

Checks were carried out across the country by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) earlier this month, with 233 security guards, CCTV operatives and door supervisors inspected.

Premises visited included construction sites, hospitals, retail outlets, CCTV suites, museums, offices, pubs and clubs.

In total 225 operatives held a valid licence, as required by law.

In the Northumbria region, 71 individuals were checked and 69 were properly licensed. However, at business premises two unlicensed security guards were found and three people were warned for breaking licence conditions.

SIA inspectors will be following up on all the offences found in each area and prosecutions may follow.

Director of Compliance, Intelligence and Communication Dave Humphries said: “This latest round of random checks shows that whilst the vast majority of security staff working at sites across the country are aware of the legal requirement to be SIA-licensed and adhere to the licence conditions, a small proportion of people are still flouting the law.

“This will not be tolerated and we will be following up with these operatives and those that employed or deployed them.”