Something’s brewing at new-look tearoom

Peppermint Tearoom co-owners Nicky Wilson and Carol Flint serve up some food and tea to customer Diane Baty.
Peppermint Tearoom co-owners Nicky Wilson and Carol Flint serve up some food and tea to customer Diane Baty.

A PAIR of Morpeth businesswomen have brewed up some changes at one of the town’s best known cafes.

Peppermint Tearoom in Newgate Street has been redecorated with a new colouring scheme to give the building a modern look and it is specialising in afternoon teas.

Co-owners Nicky Wilson and Carol Flint have also added some tasty treats to the menu, including an unusual desert that is proving popular with customers.

They intend to make the most of being in charge after working at The Chantry Tearooms for many years, with Mrs Flint working her way up from cook to the manager’s position after joining straight from catering college.

It appeared that they were going to take on the cafe in Chantry Place, but fate dealt them a different hand.

Mrs Wilson said: “The Chantry Tearooms owners initially said that they wanted to sell the business and asked us if we would like to take it on.

“We had already discussed what we could do if we were the owners and said we would be willing to buy it, but they changed their minds.

“It was frustrating because we had so many ideas, but a few months later we had a brief discussion with the Peppermint Tearoom owners as they were thinking about passing it on and they got back in touch at the end of January to ask us if we were interested in becoming the new owners.We think it’s better that we moved here as it has given us the opportunity to create a new identity and make big changes to the menu and decor.”

A range of home-made foods are available and the duo have added some eye-catching items, such as a Mars bar cheesecake. Customers can see how their tea is made as a state-of-the-art tea fuser is used to brew up the drinks.

The business uses local suppliers Glenton’s Morpeth Bakery, Varleys (fruit and veg) and R Martin butchers.

Mrs Flint said: “We think we have livened up the place and we’ve received good feedback so far about the changes.

“We’re specialising in afternoon teas because we believe that tea is coming back and customers are enjoying the new deserts. They’re a bit surprised when they see Mars bar cheesecake on the board, but it has quickly become one of the favourites.

“Independent businesses should support each other and if more people come along to our cafe, hopefully they will have a look in the shops along Newgate Street. We will certainly recommend them to our customers.”