Steakhouse serves up a monster food challenge

Jason Atherton tackles a 42oz Godzilla burger
Jason Atherton tackles a 42oz Godzilla burger

A monster challenge awaits diners at Morpeth’s newest steakhouse.

The Waterford Lodge is challenging customers to dare to dine on its 42oz Godzilla Burger for the chance to appear on its ‘wall of fame’.

The meal is made up of seven individual burgers in a bun, served with onion rings, mushrooms, tomatoes, salad and chips. Those who complete the challenge receive a t-shirt and see their picture hung on the wall.

But so far there is a 70 per cent failure rate, and just 19 customers have managed to finish the meal.

Waterford Lodge owner Jill Atherton said: “There are quite a lot of failures, but we have had a couple of people who have done the challenge and then had our massive dessert as well.

“It is proving very popular with customers. I think it’s the whole ‘man versus food’ thing.”

The hotel in Castle Square introduced the challenge earlier this year when it converted its former Italian restaurant into the steakhouse.

“As an Italian restaurant we were competing with all the other Italian restaurants in Morpeth, but straight away the steakhouse took off,” said Mrs Atherton.

“We had heard about other places across the country doing such challenges and we thought people might like it. The customers do really like the steaks and burgers, but we’ve been a bit surprised at just how popular the challenge has been.

“We have the same team we always had, but we’ve had a complete menu overhaul and spent a lot of time trying to get it right, sourcing the best ingredients we could.”