Stress is no excuse for bullying

STRESS caused by the challenging economic climate is no excuse for physical or verbal abuse in the workplace, says a Blagdon-based advice service.

With unemployment across the UK rising, new figures from Cardiff and Plymouth Universities revealed that one million people have experienced violence in the workplace in the past two years.

DAWN Advice Chief Executive Liz Chadwick believes there is a clear link between economic pressures and bullying at work and has urged victims of any form of bullying to speak up.

She said: “The turbulent economic climate is creating working pressures that very few people have experienced in their lifetime.

“The pressures of impossible deadlines, cutting costs and the threat of redundancy across most sectors are creating a volatile atmosphere that is, at the very least, counter-productive, but at worst is potentially abusive and hostile.

“What was arguably most surprising about the figures is that it is frequently well-paid professionals in full-time jobs that are on the receiving end of physical and verbal abuse.

“Everyone deserves to be allowed to do their jobs in a safe and secure environment, but we are increasingly hearing about bullying in the workplace and there are concerns that traditional disciplinary channels are not tackling the issue.

“If people feel they are being harassed or victimised and that not enough is being done to prevent it or to resolve the issue, then I strongly urge them to seek help from the Community Legal Advice service.”

To access support call 0845 3454345.