Sue offers a taste of dog muscle therapy

Daisy the Cockapoo, two days after surgery.
Daisy the Cockapoo, two days after surgery.

A pet therapist hopes to pass on her skills to others in a free taster session.

Morpeth-based myotherapist Sue Maclennan uses hands-on techniques to treat dogs suffering from lameness or pain as a result of injury, ageing, repetitive strain injuries or other problems.

Sue is one of the main reasons Daisy can walk and have fun again.

Lee Hogg

Her holistic muscle treatments are used on pets, as well as working, competition and assistance dogs, helping them to recover from serious injury or small niggles associated with everyday life.

One of her first clients was Daisy the cockapoo, who contracted Lyme Disease from a tick bite, which severely affected her wrist joints and restricted her ability to walk, eventually resulting in orthopaedic surgery to insert metal plates.

Owner Lee Hogg said: “Daisy’s future was really uncertain. She was disabled by the infection and her recovery was slower and more complicated than anticipated.

“She couldn’t get on her feet for months and I thought walks on the beach and holidays were a thing of the past. Sue is one of the main reasons Daisy can walk and have fun again. I don’t know what we would have done without her.”

Now Ms Maclennan will be helping to run a Galen Therapy course and free taster session this weekend for others keen to find out about the treatment.

The taster session be held at Paws to Play Dog Creche in Newburn on Saturday, from 5pm to 6pm, while an Introduction to Canine Massage course will run on the same day.

For more information about places or other Galen courses call 0845 375 1767.