Support a good cause when booking a break

A NORTHUMBERLAND business is helping a Morpeth-based charity with its fund-raising drive.

The MS Research and Relief Fund has recently launched a travel club whereby it can sell some Association of British Travel Agents bonded holidays.

It and similar clubs in the county are managed and run by Notjusttravel Northeast of Cramlington, which does all the selling, administration and issues all paperwork on their behalf.

Owner John Dixon said: “Our travel clubs are a great way for charities to raise extra funds as they earn part of the commission from each booking.

“Being an independent travel agent means we can deal with all companies and the travel clubs allow people to book online via the charities’ own bookable travel club website or direct with a trained travel agent by a dedicated travel club freephone number.

“So not only is the person getting a great deal on their holiday, they are supporting a charity of their choice at the same time.”

MS Research and Relief Fund provides a range of free services for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis, including complementary therapies and suitable exercise equipment, and awards grants to groups and individuals.

For more information about its travel club, call Network and Marketing Manager Sue Dowson on 01670 505829.