Tax credit deadline looms

NORTHUMBERLAND’S tax credit claimants who have yet to renew their claims have just a few days left.

Those who are unable to do so by July 31 will have their payments stopped.

For those who need help with the renewal process, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has published a series of online videos.

The interactive, bite-sized clips take viewers through it step by step, offering the chance to tailor the help to their own circumstances.

The videos cover key areas such as: checking the accuracy of the information in your renewals pack, notifying HMRC of any changes in circumstances you have not already reported during the year and providing details of your previous year’s income.

The videos are available – as well as other help and information on tax credit renewals – from

Claimants are urged to take care when renewing tax credits as errors could mean they receive less money than they are entitled to. For more information, telephone 0845 3003900.