The weight loss that led to a career gain

Alison Moon.
Alison Moon.

WEIGHT loss success has led a Longhorsley woman to land her dream job.

It is more than nine years since Alison Moon joined a Morpeth Slimming World class to shed some pounds.

She quickly connected with the programme and was delighted to lose more than two stone to reach her target weight.

After the success of the scheme, Mrs Moon was keen to stay involved with the company and, in 2004, she set up her own group in Ponteland.

Now the 43-year-old is moving closer to home as she takes on the new role of Slimming World Team Developer for North Northumberland and the Borders.

She said: “It all started for me when I was a member of the Morpeth group and lost my weight. I lost two stone four pounds to get to my target and the programme worked so beautifully for me that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

“I asked about the possibility of starting my own group. I got into Ponteland in 2004 and I have been running the group since then. Now this opportunity has come up.

“I’m a Northumberland girl through and through so when I was offered this job, I took their hands off. It is a fantastic opportunity for me because it is right on my doorstep.”

The former King Edward VI School pupil is responsible for an area from just north of Morpeth to Berwick and Tweedmouth.

She will be helping to set up a group in Felton this week and is looking to Rothbury for other classes.

Part of Mrs Moon’s role is finding and supporting new consultants for the company.

“The job possibilities up here in north Northumberland and the Borders are huge and we want to develop opportunities in the North East,” she said.

“We’re going to be offering jobs for quite a lot of local ladies.”

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