Tony resurrects valued jewellery piece

Tony Osborne and Marion Howe with the new piece of jewellery.
Tony Osborne and Marion Howe with the new piece of jewellery.

A MORPETH woman has praised a town business for putting in the effort to re-make an item of jewellery she holds dear.

Marion Howe purchased the cross necklace from Rutherfords a number of years ago and it has received many compliments from people.

She was unaware that the chain had snapped and the piece had fallen to the floor while she was in Fenwick department store, Newcastle, earlier this summer and she was very upset when she was unable to get it back.

The Stobhill Manor resident approached Tony Osborne, owner of Osbornes Jewellers in Bridge Street, with a photo of the item on her phone and asked if he could do anything to help and after an extensive search, he was able to source the materials needed to make a replica version to the delight of Mrs Howe.

She said: “I was distraught when I discovered that the piece had gone missing and even more so when I checked with Fenwick staff a few days later and they said no-one had handed it in to them.

“Although it didn’t cost a huge amount, I had a strong attachment to it and many people said how lovely it was when they saw me in the street.

“Tony had maintained the original necklace over the past few years and I asked him if it was possible to re-make it from the photo.

“He dedicated a lot of his time sourcing the silver and pearls and spent a few late nights putting the piece together. He did a fantastic job and the replica looks absolutely marvellous.

“I wasn’t expecting him to go above and beyond as a jeweller and it shows that local businesses with a good attitude can do great things.”

Mr Osborne was able to order the correct type of silver from the Hatton Garden jewellery quarter in London.

“It was a very unusual design and there was a particular colour to the pearls which I had to search high and low for until I got the right one,” he added.

“There were quite a few hours of work involved, but they were worth it to see Mrs Howe’s reaction when she received the new piece.

“We get these kind of requests from time to time and we tell each customer that although it may take some time to get everything in place, we’ll get there in the end.”