Traders are given food for thought

Alnwick Food Festival 2012
Alnwick Food Festival 2012

A RALLYING call has been issued to Morpeth eateries to get behind the town’s first Food and Drink Festival.

The event will take place in October to mark the relaunch of Morpeth’s markets in a new partnership between Sanderson Arcade and Northumberland County Council.

There will be cookery demonstrations by local chefs throughout the day and it is hoped that all restaurants, cafes and pubs in the town will play a part.

The Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade has welcomed the new addition and has called for businesses to get involved.

Member John Beynon said: “At the launch of the markets on October 5 there will be a food festival. We are looking to try to make it so that every part of Morpeth has something going on.

“It is a bit short notice, but we want to have a stall set up for local pubs, restaurants and cafes to come out to do demonstrations at key times.

“People will be going around all of the food retailers and cafes to see if they want to participate.

“This is the first festival and it has been put together very quickly so it will grow in time, but the main thing is to get businesses involved.”

Nic Best, who was Chairman of the Markets Partnership, said that even if businesses only offer special menus it would be welcome.

“One of the elements of the festival is getting some of the chefs from the restaurants and cafes into the Market Place to give demonstrations, but there could be another way to be involved if the restaurants and cafes could see if they could put a special menu or offers together during the food festival and we could publicise that to give them more business,” he said.

“There are some excellent restaurants, cafes and tea rooms in Morpeth and if this is going to work it has to be a town-wide food festival.”

The festival will initially run for just a day, but if it is a success it could be expanded in future years.