Traders plan early gift for Christmas

WORK is progressing to get a Morpeth shoppers’ loyalty card up and running by Christmas.

The initiative is part of the More In Morpeth brand developed by the chamber of trade to promote the town and encourage more people to use its businesses, services and attractions.

The loyalty card has become a key part of the campaign and will reward loyal customers with discounts and special offers at outlets across Morpeth.

Each business member can decide their own incentives, which will be promoted on the More In Morpeth website.

Chamber member Lynn Oxley, who is part of the working group looking into the issue said: “The website is our interface between the town and the customers and we are currently going through the process of updating it.

“At the moment we are going around all the individual traders doing a hearts and minds exercise — giving them information about More In Morpeth and the loyalty card, telling them about the free listings on the site and saying how we are going to get it moving.

“We are getting lots of responses back. This is the most useful exercise I have done since joining the chamber, getting conversations going with the people in my patch.

“By Christmas we will be putting the More In Morpeth loyalty card in to get people coming back to Morpeth. We can whinge and rant about car parking and say it is difficult to visit Morpeth, but we can also put some positive things out there.”

The chamber also plans to use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote the scheme.

Chairman John Beynon said: “More In Morpeth is one of the most important things the chamber has done for the development of the chamber and the town.”