Traders urged to dig out sponsors for town events

Town traders have been told they all must play their part in sourcing event funding.

The Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade has unanimously signed off its 2013 accounts, but its net income was about £1,000 down on the previous year.

Treasurer Charles Sellers reported that while the chamber’s biggest fund-raising event, Morpeth Fair Day, brought in more than £4,800 last year and income from stalls increased, the total profit was down almost £2,000 on the previous year due to a reduction in sponsorship.

Mr Sellers said: “I think it is beholden on all of us to look to our contacts in the town to bring in sponsorship. It should not just be down to organising committees. The events’ teams are not going to be able to increase revenue or reduce costs significantly so we all need to start looking for sponsors now.”

Morpeth In Bloom made a £1,000 loss, though its non-cash benefits, such as national awards, positive feedback from visitors and increased town centre footfall, were recognised.

And there was positive news for the fund-raising Golf Day, where income increased by around £700 on last year to make a total of more than £2,100.

Mr Sellers said he hopes to present quarterly accounts to keep chamber members updated on the group’s financial situation.

He thanked previous Treasurer David Lodge for handing the books on in good order, and Mavis Lawley, of Tait Walker, for helping to prepare the accounts.