Traders urged to play their part

TRADERS have been urged to play their part in showing there is More in Morpeth.

A long-term marketing drive is being led by the Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade to try to attract more shoppers and visitors to the town, with plans for promotions, events and entertainment.

However, with limited resources in terms of manpower and money, the group is eager to make the most of its More in Morpeth website as a key part of the campaign.

Efforts are under way to try to attract more users to the site, which aims to show all that Morpeth can offer, and lift it higher up search engine listings.

And now local business leaders have been told to take matters into their own hands to push the promotion.

Chamber member Lynn Oxley, who is part of the group’s marketing team, said: “The best way for us as a chamber to do is to take ownership of it and decide that as it is going to be useful for our businesses, we should start talking about it, tweeting about it, saying we have this lovely, fantastic town and people should look at the offer we have. We can do that on a daily basis. We don’t need to wait for that to happen, we can start doing it now.”

The group heard from committee member Ken Stait that there are still hopes of setting up a Morpeth loyalty card, which can be used to gather information about customers and target them directly with initiatives they may be interested in, but it can only be developed when resources allow.

In the meantime, the chamber will continue to collect as much data as it can at its organised events.

Mr Stait said: “We have to get as much out of it and maximise our limited resources to achieve a greater effect than if we had tens of thousands of pounds to give to it.”