Watch out for power lines while harvesting

Farmers have been reminded to switch on to safety during harvest time.

Northern Powergrid, which delivers electricity to 3.9 million homes across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, is reminding of the dangers of overhead power lines.

If machinery comes too close to the lines, or accidentally touches them, it could cause serious, or even fatal, electrocution.

Last year there were 18 such incidents reported in the area, but fortunately none was fatal.

The electricity distributor has been attending agricultural shows to raise awareness of the dangers and hand out goodies containing safety advice.

Some overhead lines can carry up to 132,000 volts and electricity can jump gaps of between one and seven metres, depending on the voltage. Objects such as trees, string, rope and water can also conduct electricity, and judging heights and distances can be challenging, particularly when tired or when operating in reduced light at dusk or dawn.

See for safety advice.