Call for cameras at speeding black spot

An urgent review of mobile speed camera locations has been demanded following road safety concerns.

County councillor Glen Sanderson called for the action after receiving complaints from residents in Hepscott about speeding on the A192 at Barmoor Bank.

In 2011, young mum Claire Dickman was killed when the speeding car she was travelling in as a passenger crashed on a tight bend there.

And when Coun Sanderson recently requested speed monitoring on the road, it showed average driving speeds of 45mph to 48mph.

At a meeting of Northumberland County Council last week, he pressed the case for the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative, which includes the authority as a partner, to deploy a mobile speed camera on the road.

He said: “This area has become part of my Longhorsley ward and I wasn’t aware of the strength of feeling about this road until I went around during the election campaign.

“Clearly, it is an issue that has been there for some time and it needs to be addressed.

“There have been requests made by local people for speed camera monitoring and that hasn’t happened so I felt I had to raise it.

“It has been shown that speeds are exceeding the 40mph limit so there is a problem, and there was a tragic fatality there in 2011.

“It should be a priority to reduce speeds in an area that desperately needs attention.”

Figures show cameras were deployed to 17 sites in the county on 188 visits over the past six months, recording 5,377 offences.

But while the camera was at Dudley Lane, Cramlington, 28 times, and others locations 13 or 14 times, some areas, such as Barmoor, were not covered at all.

Coun Sanderson said: “Some areas have had many repeat visits over the last six months and I’m pleased that the council’s Administration agrees that there needs to be a review.”