CAMERON IN ALNWICK: Labour says PM visit will boost opposition campaigns

Scott Dickinson
Scott Dickinson

The Labour candidate in Berwick has also been critical of the Prime Minister’s visit to Alnwick today, pointing out that there were no stops at food banks, the Jobcentre or hospitals.

Berwick Labour Party responded to the visit from David Cameron claiming that yet another ‘heavyweight’ brought up to the north was simply part of the Tory campaign and really did nothing but boost the opposition’s campaigns, just like it did when Boris arrived.

The Party claims that social media provide a true reflection of the visit and ‘people were less than happy, just like they are about banners littering the countryside in Northumberland’.

A spokesman said: “What we need to remember is there are important issues in our area, we have a lot that needs attention and the Conservatives pose nothing but deeper cuts and decimation of services, a halt to NHS improvements and destruction of council services.”

Labour candidate Scott Dickinson said: “I note that the venues were carefully picked, I note that there was no visit to the food banks operating in the north or to meet the families who hadn’t previously needed them.

“I note that there was no visit to the local Jobcentre, meeting those unfairly sanctioned, the third-sector organisation supporting the unemployed because the Jobcentre doesn’t have enough time or the hospital to meet our dedicated NHS staff working hard and undervalued in Northumberland.

“He could have visited the families in the constituency unfairly penalised by the bedroom tax. Had it been a visit of depth and real interest, people would have appreciated it more.”

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