Campaigners urged to speak out at public meeting

WINDFARM campaigners on all sides have been urged to have their say in a public meeting.

Northumberland County Council has taken the rare step of organising a public meeting to hear views on an application for five turbines at Fenrother, near Longhorsley.

The meeting was requested by local councillor Glen Sanderson following huge interest in the Energiekontor UK plans.

He said: “This is one of the most important planning applications we have had in the county and one of the most controversial in my ward since I became a councillor.

“That is why I was very keen to ask for a public meeting back in August. It is quite unusual to have a public meeting for something like this, but I’m very pleased that the county council agreed to my request.

“I was very keen from the start that everybody should have the chance to speak. The feeling is very strong on this, which is why I knew the only way people would have a real opportunity of having their say wouldn’t be at a planning meeting, it would be in a public meeting.

“I hope that as many people will come along as they can.”

The meeting will be held on Thursday, November 15, from 6pm to 8pm, at King Edward VI School in Morpeth.