Carry on shopping, says council

MORPETH shoppers have been urged to continue their normal routine to keep the town buoyant during roadworks.

Morpeth Town Council has formed an economic development group with the Greater Morpeth Development Trust and Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade following concerns that the town centre work is driving trade away.

But while the group is drawing up a number of plans to address the problems and promote the town, councillors have pleaded with local people to play their part.

Coun David Parker said: “We are very concerned about the present situation.

“We regret anyone who normally purchases in Morpeth who, for whatever reason, is not doing so. We hope that they think long and hard about that because they are putting the economy of the town at risk.

“If people want the town to be here in the future, they need to keep on shopping in the town in the present.

“There seems to be some evidence that less-than-normal numbers of people are shopping in the town and we know a number of businesses are about to close. I hope people will think again if they are being minded not to continue with their normal habits.”

His comments were backed by the council’s Planning and Transport Committee last week.

l THE winner of last week’s draw to win £20 of shopping courtesy of the Herald, and a further £20 voucher to spend in Sanderson Arcade, courtesy of Dransfield Properties, was Gordon Hodgson, of Whalton.