CATS: Roaming free is a nuisance

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In response to Dorothy Moore’s letter (Morpeth Herald, December 1), I would like to advise Ms Moore that I have not “missed the point” about keeping cats, but I am aware of the nuisance they can cause to their neighbours.

Ms Moore states that cats are intelligent enough to use a cat litter. How I wish she was right as there are many cats that use my garden as a toilet on a regular basis.

This is not only extremely unpleasant to me while gardening, but it is also very smelly, unhygienic and a potential health hazard.

As for it being cruel to keep a cat on a lead, the same could be said about dogs as they once ran wild in packs before they were successfully domesticated.

I stand by my convictions; I would rather be a responsible pet owner and keep my “wonderful creature” at home in a safe environment, rather than allow it to roam about on its own, causing problems for someone else.

Cats could not run the risk of being poisoned if their owners kept them safe at home.

Mrs K Cashmore