CATS: Wonderful creatures

I am writing in response to Mrs Cashmore's letter, (Morpeth Herald, November 3).

Saturday, 3rd December 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 11:40 am

I am sorry she has never had the privilege of being chosen as a cat companion.

I must explain that for most felines keeping them confined all day is, in fact, animal cruelty. Naturally curious and athletic in stature, these animals require the stimulation of three-dimensional travel and need exercise to keep them fit.

Every cat I have ever had has been able to walk on a lead to some degree, although Siamese are the experts. However, I would never consider taking my cats out on a lead in public places as there are too many hazards.

Picking my cat up is not enough as some dogs would jump up at me to get at him.

Also, I think the lady misses the point of why so many people have cats.

They are pets and have a special place in people’s lives. They are less needy than dogs, being intelligent enough to use a litter tray and take themselves for a walk. This makes them ideal companions for children, the elderly and the disabled, or people with a busy lifestyle. When correctly stimulated they are the most affectionate, amusing and intelligent companions.

I should also point out that people who commit acts of animal cruelty often go on to harm humans too so we would be better putting our energies into finding the perpetrators of the poisonings, rather than wasting our time demeaning the cat.

I have always been a ‘dog person’ until bequeathed a cat so now I have a much more objective viewpoint and consider myself privileged to experience such wonderful creatures.

Dorothy Moore

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