Charity gears up to get its own transport

A MORPETH youth charity is on the road to getting its own vehicle thanks to local support.

Barnabas Safe and Sound launched an appeal last year to raise £40,000 for a minibus or people carrier to take young people to events and activities, as well as transport equipment to sessions outside its Dark Lane base.

The charity is still a long way short of its initial target, but £7,000 has now been collected, which could open up alternative possibilities.

Chief Executive Chris Menzies said: “It is enough for us to consider hire purchase or to seriously consider another kind of deal and we are identifying the options for that at the moment.”

A big contribution to the funds came from former Morpeth Mayor Phil Taylor, who chose Barnabas as his charity of the year while serving as civic head.

Local businesses Newcastle Building Society and The Original Factory Shop have also selected the charity to support this year.

Mr Menzies said: “There was a great contribution from the Mayor and that has made a big difference to our fund-raising work because it has really raised our profile.

“We have also got the support of local businesses. They have got their own fund-raising efforts and their staff have really supported us. We are very pleased about that.

“I really think it is a direct result of being the Mayor’s charity.”

Anyone wishing to add to Barnabas’ fund-raising appeal should contact Mr Menzies on 01670 514881.